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Star Trek Exhibit Report

Star Trek The Exhibition at the Arizona Science Center opened to the public on Saturday, Nov 15th, with a VIP group in the morning and Arizona Science Center members getting to see it for the first time in the afternoon.  It is open to the general public on Sunday, Nov 16th.  The first group to get a good look at it, however, was the Starfleet Academy group based of of the Apache Junction High School who took part in a live news report on FOX 10 on Thursday morning.  Mike and Denise Okuda also appeared on the news report, having been involved in getting the exhibit set up.  Check out the videos on FOX 10's web site.

Saturday morning, the exhibit was open for VIPs, press, and members of the United Federation of Phoenix and the Apache Junction High School Starfleet Academy.  We got a chance to look at the exhibit without a large crowd and took our time looking at the various uniforms, props, ships, and set pieces on display.  Mike and Denise Okuda were on hand to answer questions as well as David Stipes, former Trek visual effects supervisor who now lives in Phoenix.  They had a photographer set up to take pictures of people on the bridge set and both clubs ended up getting group shots and then we did a picture with all of us on the bridge together.  It was somewhat of a strange contrast having members of a club that has been going since 1975 (including a couple of them who have been in it nearly that long) and a new group of young fans together on the bridge.

There was still some setup to be done for the exhibit.  The motion simulators were not yet ready to go and there was no merchandise in the merchandise area yet. The Enterprise-D bridge set was one of the highlights of the exhibit, although my favorite piece on display was the very large mockup of the Enterprise-D saucer section used for the crash scenes in Generations.

It was really nice to get to be one of the first groups to check it out and I definitely plan to go back to see it again soon.

Lee Whiteside
United Federation of Phoenix

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