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Captain Dave's Space Images

A feature of the current Subspace Chatter newsletters is the reprinting of various space images pointed out by our Captain, Dr. David Williams.  In most cases, the photocopy reproduction doesn't do justice to those prints.  So here we'll provide the links to the source web pages, many from official NASA web sites.

The New Solar System

Mars - Layered Outcrops of Far West Candor Chasma

Mars - White Rock' of Pollack Crater

Mars - Light-toned Layered Outcrops in Valles Marineris Walls

Red Rover Student Scientists Tour Voyager Set

Red Rover Mars Images

Mars - Secrets of the Noachian Highlands: Pit Craters

Mars - The Martian North Polar Cap, One Year Later

The 2001 Mars Odyssey Mission

Mars Odyssey Launch Images

Eros - Rocky Hollow Picture Show

Eros - Final NEAR Shoemaker Descent Images

Eros - The Many Faces of Eros

Eros - Gamma Ray Readings Chart

Jupiter's moon Ganymede from Galileo

Jupiter - High Resolution Globe of Jupiter

Jupiter's Moon Io in Eclipse, The Movie

Jupiter Night-Side Auroras, North and South

Jupiter - Himalia, a Small Moon of Jupiter

Jupiter - Caldera in Sippar Sulcus, Ganymede

Hubble Reveals the Heart of the Whirlpool Galaxy

Hubble Spies Most Distant Supernova Ever Seen