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This page has links to info on science fiction fandom and upcoming conventions around the world

Science Fiction/Fantasy Sites
Internet Speculative
Fiction Database

SF Site

Locus Magazine
SF-Lovers SF-Lovers
Convention List
Fandom Directory SFRevue Sci-Fiction
Analog Magazine Asimov's Magazine Fantasy & SF Magazine
Lysator SF Archives

National and Regional SF Organizations
SFWA - Science Fiction and
Fantasy Writers of America
ASFA - Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists LASFS
(LA Fandom)
WorldCon Master Site WesterCon.org
(East Coast Fandom)
Central Arizona Speculative
Fiction Society (CASFS)

Leprecon, Inc.
Western Science
Fiction Association

International Comic-Con
Comic Book Legal
Defense Fund

SF Authors at SFF.net
Author Web Sites and Blogs
Neil Gaiman
Journal     Store
Making Light
Out of Ambit
(Diane Duane)
Lois McMaster Bujold
Connie Willis
Jim Butcher
Peter David Robert J. Sawyer Jacqueline Carey
Michael A. Stackpole
Michelle M. Welch
John Vornholt
Jennifer Roberson
Dennis L. McKiernan
Melanie Rawn
Doranna Durgin
Adam Niswander