Diane Elliott
Dec 1970 - Nov 2003

Diane Elliott passed away on Nov 9, 2003 following an illness that led to pneumonia. Official cause of death was Pulmonary Hypertension due to consequences of pneumonia.  She was 32 years old.  She has long been active in fandom since she was a teenager.  She has been involved with many clubs and groups including The United Federation of Phoenix (where she was Captain), TARDIS, CASFS (Board Member and Secretary),  Staghold, The Docto's Exchange, and The Phoenix Filk Circle. She had been committee or staff for several conventions. 

She had many friends in fandom who will miss her very much.  She also was active online in many fanfic and other groups which we may not be able to contact or know of. Hopefully some of her online friends who we did not know will at least be able to find out what happened to her here.

She will especially be missed by Dave Rood, Lee Whiteside and her parents, Ken and Mary Elliott. 

Donations in Diane's Memory
Many friends have asked about donations to a charity in Diane's memory. 

Working with the United Federation of Phoenix, we are arranging for donations in Diane's memory to the Arizona Challenger Space Center to go towards a memorial plaque. Diane took part in a mission there with UFP and we think this would be a good place for a memorial donation for her.   If you would like to make a donation directly to the Space Center, please note that it is in memory of Diane Elliott. You can also send me a donation via paypal to leewsftv@yahoo.com.

Listed below are other several charities that either Diane felt strongly about or supports things she believed in.

Salvation Army Christmas Angels - U.F.P.'s annual Christmas Angel Donation was something Diane supported strongly, making sure we picked out children that indicate a desire to learn or have science fiction/fantasy interests.  UFP's outing this year is planned for Saturday, Dec 6th at MetroCenter Mall at 1 p.m.  Please contact Lee Whiteside if you would like to contribute towards this year's outing or join us for it.
Reading is FUNdamental - Giving Books to kids to encourage them to read. 
Child Crisis Center - Helping Abused Children in Mesa, Arizona.
National Space Society - Supporting getting humanity into space.  Diane's love of Heinlein made her also a strong believer in space exploration
Arizona R.E.S.C.U.E. - Rescuing animals from Euthanasia