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Water Witch (1982) with Cynthia Felice
Lincoln's Dreams (1987)
Light Raid (1989) with Cynthia Felice
Doomsday Book (1992)
Remake (1994)
Uncharted Territory (1994)
Bellwether (1996)
Promised Land (1997) with Cynthia Felice
To Say Nothing of the Dog (1997)
Passage (2001)
Inside Job (2005)
D.A. (2007)
All Seated on the Ground (2007)
Blackout (2010)
All Clear (2010)

Short Story Collections

Fire Watch (1984)
Impossible Things (1993)
Futures Imperfect (1996)
Miracle and Other Christmas Stories (1999)
Winds of Marble Arch and Other Stories (2007)


The New Hugo Winners, Volume III (1994)
(with Martin H. Greenberg )
Nebula Awards 33 (1999)
A Woman's Liberation : A Choice of Futures by and About Women (2001) with Sheila Williams


Roswell, Vegas, and Area 51: Travels with Courtney (2002)

Publishing Notes

Doomsday Book is the most sought after hardback of Connie's.  Haivng won the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award for Best Novel, the hardback edition was much in demand.  However, the print run on the original hardback was much lower than normal, and they are now much sought after.  Ex-Library copies are going for $200 and a first edition hardback in good condition can go for well over $1000!

To Say Nothing of the Dog
is also rare in hardback, having won the Best Novel Hugo award, going for $150 or more in a hardback first edition.

Some of Connie's Novellas have had limited edition releases.  The most recent of which is the All Seated on the Ground release by Subterranean Press.

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